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Multiple PDFs as Part of Wiki Page

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Forgive me as this is a very 'beginner' question...

I am try to setup a wiki instead of using folder storage. Most of the pdf's or different subjects of engineering methods. At this point I am trying to setup a few pages which will contain little text that most just describes the pdfs. For example -> a wiki page may be wood beams. There would be a few a couple lines of text that say "this pdf is for shear design of members, this pdf is for bending, this pdf for compression members, etc". Eventually more text would be added and the pdfs would still be there as extra documentation.

I was thinking that I could upload a bunch of pdfs to file gallery then I would go through and link the text to the pdf via the wiki link. However I am not able to select the pdf. I suppose I can get the link, but I seem to be doing that wrong also.

Could you offer some advice on the best way to proceed?
Another nice thing would be as if you see a preview or embed of the pdf. I am more of a wysiwyg guy but I don't mind some html or php if that is the best way to do it.


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After uploading your files (PDFs) to the file gallery, you can easily link to them from any wiki page. If you're using wiki syntax, a regular external will work fine, it will look something like this:


where XXX is the ID of the uploaed file.

You can also use FILE plugin to create the link (might be easier if you're using the WYSIWYG editor.

If you want to be able to search the actual text in the PDF files, you'll need to add an external handler (such as pdftotext). Please see the docs for details.

If you want to embed the PDF within a wiki page, you'll need to use the HTML plugin and do this manually. Something like this should work:

emed  src="URL TO PDF" width="XXX" height="YYYY">


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