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Comments Box not working if non alphanumeric characters used in 13.1

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Hi there,

Using tiki 13.1

When I create a wiki page with the title containing a comma or full stop I cannot then comment on the page.

I click the comment button and the comment box does not appear.

If I remove the comma or full stop from the title then the comment box appears when I click to post a new comment.

Any one had this problem, or anyone know a solution?



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The same problem in tiki 13.1, and it resolved in 14.x.

Bug report: https://dev.tiki.org/item5586

Changes have been made in two lines in /templates/comment/list.tpl file. But the changes concern only to comma, so I've extended the solution to full point.

So the two lines that contain:

{$objectId|replace:' ':''}


I've replaced with:

{$objectId|replace:' ':''|replace:',':''|replace:'.':''}



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Dear docmipt,

thank you very much for you fix and description.
Although in your forum post te description of the first line change seems to be identical in both, old an new version and for the second line the CODE plugin is just empty.

Would you be so kind and justreview your post and, if not possible to fix the content of the CODE plugin (maybe related to the CKE WYSIWYG editor?) reduce to the link to the soureforge file(s). Anyway I would find it more descriptive with Code plugin.

Best regards,

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Thanks docmipt!

That worked a treat, I can now comment without any issues.


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