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User Menus Fail to Open in Firefox (A firefox issue, not a Tiki issue)

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This issue is not a Tiki 14 issue yet a Mozilla Firefox setting issue.
And it is very elementary to say the least, the fix is simple. So embarrassingly simple I am embarrassed I did not figure it out earlier.
I thought my installations were faulty, so I installed 14 at least three different times, until I finally tried 14 out in Chrome, then in IE, both worked, the user menus popped and dropped. I finally realized this was a Firefox browser issue.
Then a light went on, and I realized the user menus are popups. This must be a setting in Firefox.
This is a simple fix, and I hope it helps some folks like me, who are a tad slow on the uptake when it comes to things like this!
At your Firefox browser menu bar, click on "Tools" then click on "Content" , uncheck "Block Pop-up windows". And you are fixed.
Clear your history cache in Firefox, and you will now have your user menus popping again.

Below are just a few of the areas that were not dropping down when clicked or hovered. These areas will not work (at least on my PC) if the popup blocker is check marked in Firefox Tools.