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Creating new pages with Wiki trackers

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My goal is to create a new page ever time a tracker is created. At that time the page will reflect the fancy tracker as content for the page. I just need to know how to create a page "on the fly" when a tracker is created and have that new page reflect the tracker created.

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 Hi Avocadocommader,

I just stumbled over this:

How to write a template

As mentioned, in a template, use the {$f_id} syntax to insert the value of fieldId=id.
It is also possible to insert the ItemId itself, which is usefull to create new wiki pages with tracker plugins inside. To do this you'll have to add an Auto-Increment Field to your tracker, with the appropriate options to auto-fill it with the itemId. This new field content (itemId value) can then be inserted in the template with the syntax seen above.




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This is a great subject, thanks for starting it Avocado Commander.

I hope I am not hijacking this topic, but if I am getting this right, trackers can be used withing template pages?

For example, I would like to have template page with the standard headings and TOC (easy enough to create). And, within the template I'd like to have template that will create a table of information that will end up at the right side of the page.

We all know Mediawiki. So what I am asking is can we have a tracker that prompts for detailed information in a table form like you may see on Mediawiki pages with the table to the right.

See this page at Mediawiki about Sam Maloof woodworker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Maloof

You'll see the info box at the right top, can this be done by tracker?