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Suckerfish menus popout during page load

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I use the non-bootstrap menus for the left navigation on my site. Since the Tiki 14 beta began, this has been an issue. Every page that has content to load in the left navigation column will show all of the menus associated with the page upon loading the page, and then they stop showing. They only show for a second or two.

I have not been able to find a solution to this problem. I've read that it has occurred in past Tiki versions, and I am curious if anyone else has encountered this issue.

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There's a little discussion about this on http://dev.tiki.org/tiki14 (search in page for "suckerfish menus"). So make sure your vendor files are up to date. Also check if you have any additional JavaScript that may be interfering. Also, try deleting the cookies in your browser for the site.

I sometimes see that problem still, but it seems to happen only briefly and then I don't see it again for a while (but this is on test sites where things are changing all the time so I haven't pinned it to any particular cause). 

-- Gary

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What sort of javascript has been interfering in the past? I haven't been able to identify anything that could cause this.

Also, will simply deleting the vendor files and then re-running the composer update them?

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 Can you provide a link to the site please and additionally a screenshot?

I have an idea that the problem could be related to a few "JS issue solving trials" especially with JS detection and related cookies.

AFTER you made the screenshot you could clear all domain cookies of the site (mouse right click -> webdeveloper -> cookies -> delete domaincookies ; or browser menu -> history -> clear recent history -> delete all cookies).

Then report please.

Mind that deleting the cookies will log you out of the website (in case you are in the middle of editing a text or so, save first ;-) ).


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Hi taylordustin,

I have been checking (dev:(Tiki14)) (had to anyway) and found this for you:

27/02/15 r54130 Geoff

suckerfish menus

only a mini-bug - but a real irritation: if suckerfish (css) menus are used on a page whenever the page is loaded or reloaded for any reason all the menus fly open during the page load which just looks very odd.

— Geoff, can you double-check that your vendor files are up to date? I saw this problem too and then ran composer and now the dropdowns seem to behavior normally. - Gary not sure when this started. Geoff: vendor files are all up to date. Gary: Do you have any custom javascript that may be interfering? This was the case for me.


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Sorry to be responding so late, I was out of the office for a week. I've looked into both of these proposed solutions already and haven't been able to find anything for a fix so far. All of my vendor files appear to be up to date and I reran the composer... this did not seem to affet the suckerfish menus at all. Also, I can't identifiy any sort of Javascript that would be interfering with the menus.

Have you noticed anything in terms of the javascript that might help me identify a possible cause of the problem? I've attached a screen shot of the bug from my site.

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I can confirm I see this pesky bug too.

Unfortunately, bootstrap menus don't seem to be displaying the right menu items and suckerfish menus show up all at once during load.


Almost driving me away from Tiki which I love much for many years now. :-(

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I hear you there. My work around solution was to set the opacity of the left nav to 0, and then turn it back up to 100% after the page finishes the load. It looks a lot cleaner than having the menus flyout. This is only temporary however, until there is a better solution.

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