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Ajax Error while editing wiki page

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I am experiencing an ajax error when I attempt to edit http://thepatriotwoodwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Sam+Maloof
I am not experiencing this error when I attempt to edit the home page of our wiki.
I have found this error report here at https://dev.tiki.org/item4635 and this is reflective of what I am seeing.
We are using Tiki 14 Beta and the Tikinewt theme. This was happening randomly earlier, and now it is regular at the page I am trying to edit above.
I have copied the source of the page, deleted the page and pasted the source into a new page, and I am still seeing the Ajax Error.
Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I have set the page to Anonymous can edit if anyone would like to see what I am seeing. Thanks!

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Well now it says

why do you write "ajax error" on the page?

I did not write that ajax error message on the page:) I know, just kidding. Please see comments below.

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Torsten, I rolled it back and it now appears to be working, I am baffled.

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Woops, I take it back, it is not working, when I flip the text editor to Wysiwyg the ajax error comes up again.

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Torsten, I also toggled the permission to allow Anonymous to flip to Wysiwyg, sorry if you were trying and could not.

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Weird CKE thingi (WYSIWYG = CKE Editor).

Do you have all vendors; maybe svned up and forgot the composer? Ajax is active in admin -> features? Maybe the strange JS detection issue, which requires cookie deletion?

Just a few thoughts - for CKE you might better ask Jonny or so - I avoid using it and have no real clue about it's frequent moods.

Cheers and sorry for not so much help this time

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Thanks for your analysis and help Torsten. I should have stated at the beginning that much of that page was copied from Wikipedia, I think that was the issue. I deleted the page, and started from scratch, and inserted my own text, test text, and it works fine.

Lesson learned, stick with original content!

Sorry if I wasted your time on this. Thanks again Torsten for looking at it.

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There are two of us building our site, using 14beta. My co-author gets the ajax error when she goes to add content - original content - to a new page while in WYSIWYG mode, but I don't. She uses Internet Explorer, I use Firefox.

I rather fancy IE might be the problem. She has a workaround, I forget what, I'll ask her and post it here.


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Thanks Maeve! I look forward to reading the work around.

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Hi all

This has been an ongoing issue for many Tiki releases, i suspect there is a certain type of content that causes this and it's hard to recreate. I just edited that page using Safari and it was fine.

I can imagine IE, especially older version might have troubles with Tiki in general, not many of us use it.

Do let me know if you manage to corner this one and i'll try and fix it :-)


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Thanks for your reply, as a heads up, for my case I tried it in IE, and Chrome, and I had the same issues, I use Firefox always, and it showed the error in Firefox as well. But since I wiped the page clean, it does not perform nasty anymor.

Thanks Johnny!

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Ah, do you have a copy (in the history) of the page source when it was being naughty? Would like to fix this one if possible (one day)


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No unfortunately I wiped it clean Johnny, but I think I can recreate it possibly. Give me a day and I'll get the content up that was up before and I'll see if I can "break" the page and get that ajax error.

Thanks for the follow up sir


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Currently our site is editable and viewable only by us two admins. My co-author is using Internet Explorer 11.  When she opened pages that I had saved in WYSIWYG mode and clicked the icon to switch to Wiki mode, she got the ajax error.

When she opened a page that I had previously saved in Wiki mode, there was no error.

Here's what she wrote about her workaround:

Ajax Error - hope my memory serves. I got an ajax error when I went to edit a page and it came up in WISIWIG and I clicked on the pencil to change it to WIKI

My workaround might not be hugely helpful unless for a user who is trying to edit pages that were in their history and saved as WIKI pages. Because, I went back to the Wiki version in History, and rolled back to that version - which I could use and save as a WIKI for further editing.

Is this what you were looking for?

I don't seem to have had the problem for a while, but I think that's because you're now the last edit on most and have been careful to save as WIKI edits.


Edited to add:

As far as the type of content is concerned, it was just text and one or two simple FancyTables.