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How do I use the biblio code

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With the Add Reference plugin, there is a field for biblio code.
As described here:

Biblio Code A unique reference code per page. Used to link the in-page reference to the bibliography listing

The above per this link https://doc.tiki.org/PluginAddReference?structure=HomePage+Plugins
My question is, does it matter what is used for the biblio code? Is is strictly an arbitrary identifier within the wiki page it is used in?
Can I name it anything?
Is there a best practices for biblio code naming convention?
Thanks folks for any help.

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Figured it out! Just have to use it and work it is all. Sometimes the best answer on this forum is no answer at all, it forces us to explore our wiki and the levers and buttons.

The Biblio code is an arbitrary text entry that gets related to the reference in the text of the wiki. The reference number is positioned next to the text and related to the Bibliography, typically at the bottom of the page, but you can place the Bibliography anywhere you want.

In my case I made a wiki page about a famous woodworker named Tage Frid.

I have several Bibliographic references, so my Biblio codes look something like this:




Unless there is a best practices for this, I think I have it right.

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"Sometimes the best answer on this forum is no answer at all...." You have a knack for turning lemons into lemonade. Glad you were able to work that out. :-)

-- Gary