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image not loaded

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I installed a tikiwiki, unfortunately images cannot load. I run tiki-check.php and no problems recognized. Could someone help me ?

The site address: http://wviewchina.net

thanks a lot

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Hello sitedev.li,

after the initial installation, did you do any changes to the configuration, for ex. anything like changing the path to the logo?

When you did ru the installer die you see any images or icons?

In case you did not do any changes and made just and only a plain installation it would be quite uncommon to not have a visible logo. Then I would tend to suspect a server issue and not a Tiki issue.

In case you did changes, please revert the logo path back to original and report here.


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Hi, I did nothing after installation. 

The error log shown as follow: 

Fri Jun 19 00:23:59.436329 2015 fcgid:warn pid 4553 client mod_fcgid: stderr: No route found - full:/img/loading-light.gif query:, referer: http://wviewchina.net/themes/tikinewt/css/tikinewt.css 
Fri Jun 19 00:24:00.261770 2015 fcgid:warn pid 4646 client mod_fcgid: stderr: No route found - full:/img/tiki/Tiki_WCG.png query:, referer: http://wviewchina.net/tiki-index.php 
Fri Jun 19 00:24:00.434525 2015 fcgid:warn pid 4645 client mod_fcgid: stderr: No route found - full:/img/overlay-light.png query:, renferer: http://wviewchina.net/themes/tikinewt/css/tikinewt.css 


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The permissions for the ../img/  folder (and its children) are 775.  Thanks.