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How to create namespaces?


i try to create pages in namespaces.
My separator configuration is :_:

Unfortunately creating a page like
create a page ns:_:pagename
and not a page
pagename inside namespace ns

How could i create namespaces and pages inside them?

I'm using Tiki14

Thanks in advance


Have you enabled the "Namespace" feature (experimental)?

Hello Poul,

given you have your feature "Namespace" active, ex. with the seperator :_:

create a page myspace:_:firstpage and a page myspace:_:secondpage , both pages are in the namespace "myspace" ... so you need not really "create" one, but it aggregates itself when you use a naespace name and a namespace seperator.

Think about chossing a good seperator early: I find :_: not so exactly perfect, as it often causes cryptic links. I tend to use either .. or ~ .But your chice.

There is an additional setting where you can choose that non-namespace-links on namespace-pages would automatically link to the namespace-page with the same name.

example (when ths option is active):
Given you are on a page "myspace:_:somepage" and there you write a link to a wiki page like ((anotherpage)) then this wiki link (only on the myspace:_:somepage) would link to "myspace:_:anotherpage".
The same link ((anotherpage)) on another name space page, example: "bloopies:_:Home" would link to "bloopies:_:anotherpage".

You should find this additional setting option in "Admin | Wiki".


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