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Is there a plugin or program that I can use to convert Mediawiki formatted content into TikiWiki Formatted content? (or altneratively word documents into TikiWiki formatted content)

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I am wondering if there is a program or plugin somewhere that I can easily convert mediawiki or word documents into tikiwiki formatted content. I seem to be unable to import content with the Tiki Wiki importer as everytime I try I get a "Invalid mime type" error. So I am looking for an alternate. Anyone have any solutions?
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Hello tc, as far as I know, and I am relatively new with Tiki, but the older Mediawiki Importer that was used and under development is no longer supported in its current state. I have chatted with the developer(s) and their focus is elsewhere, probably getting Tiki 14 and beyond to its glory rollout with 15 I would imagine. So in short, nope, no Mediawiki importer.

If you have just  few pages to import, the good ol copy paste works well, you just have to modify the MW syntax .  Hint, when copy pasting from MW to Tiki, make sure you copy the source from MW into the standard Tiki editor.

For the word docs I am not sure. Could you convert the word docs to html then use the Tiki html importer? Just grabbing at straws here.