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Building Wiki Pages by Form

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Hi all,

New to Tiki Wiki here but I'm excited about the options I'm discovering. My current challenge, and kind of the decider as to whether I stick with Tiki or not, is whether or not I can limit user input on wiki pages by forms. Users would be able to edit pages wiki-stye, but the page layout would be somewhat pre-structured by fields, each of those with different character and input limits.

My initial thought on how to do this was of course to use trackers. I had a few questions on this though:

1) Are tracker-based forms the best way to go about this, or is there some other functionality that would make this easier? Is this even possible with Tiki?
2) Although I think I have an idea of viewing the information stored in trackers, how would I make the submission of this form automate to the creation of a new wiki page?
3) Can trackers really handle this kind of information load? For instance, if the wiki grew to any considerable size, this would mean that all pages would be stored within that tracker type.

Thanks for any help!

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Josh, I have tried trackers for pre-populated wiki pages or templates if you will so our users would be able to create an article with a templated page. But the trackers left me a tad confused, and besides that, I was steered in the right direction by another topic here, I cannot find it right now, but if I am reading your question correctly, you may be wanting to use the "Content Template" feature rather than the trackers.

I am not sure if you can have predifined inputs for content templates, but I have played with the Content Templates and they are really nice, and easily accessible at time of article creation, all a user has to do at time of article creation is click on the "Properties" tab and click on the drop down menu that contains a list of your templates, and there they are. Don't know if I am on the right track here, but there you have it.

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Thanks jmorris. The content templates do look nice, but they add the code to the edit box and so users aren't quite limited to specific fields if they didn't want to be. I've actually found what I wanted over in an extension at mediawiki, so I'm migrating over there. Thanks for the help though!