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Easy Way to Restrict Single Page Editing by Registered Users?

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Well I pretty much asked the question in the title. Is there a way to restrict a page without using the permissions for that page? Is there a single "Restrict" switch somewhere Thanks! I know, I hate to reference Mediawiki, two different software's, but it's a frame of reference I have, in Mediawiki you can click on a drop down menu and click on "Restrict" and it's done. Do we have anything like that? Thanks a million!

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Simply click the Permissions button at the bottom of the wiki page and you can set the permissions for that particular page. These page-specific permissions will override the group and category (if applicable) permissions. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/permissions



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Thanks a million Rick. I knew about that option but I was looking for a one click feature instead of going through and toggling off the permissions for that specific page, there are more than half a dozen permissions I would need to unclick in order to make that page untouchable. But I am fine with that if that is the way it is. Still havin fun!

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my 2 Ct:

As standart in about every single Tiki installation I very first create a category named admin.

In this category all permissions are ceized (no permission to any group - only members of group 'Admins' have permissions).

Whenever I create content that shall be temporarily or permanently invisible, I apply this category and not any else category wich has any permission.

Next I create a category 'public' for all public content, for that no content is visible by default for anonymous users, if the content is not explicitely added to the category public.

Another thing to think about would be to not apply any permissions which are more than 'Anonymous' to the group 'Registered', but add another group like 'Members'. Would be easier to take off permissions from people if necessary without banning or deleting.


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Rick and Torsten, thanks for the great information, I had not even thought from the perspective of creating a category and then applying the proper permissions to that category for future pages, that is definetely the way to go.

Torsten, great information and I will apply those techniques, just more ways to make managing the wiki easier with the initial setup process.

Thanks a million guys.