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Custom module parameters

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Using Tiki 14.0

I've created a simple custom module (MessageBox) to display messages to groups depending on permissions. This works well. What I also want to do is only show that module on certain pages based on the module's parameters. I can do this partially.

I want to show this module on my Welcome page, Wiki Home page, and only the "front" page of the section "forums".

This works (without forum)

nobox=y&page[]=Welcome&page[]=Wiki Home

But, if I add "&page[]=forums" (being it's the front "page" for the forum)

nobox=y&page[]=Welcome&page[]=Wiki Home&page[]=forums

no module is displayed on the forum. (I was hoping both section and page used the same name.)

That leads me to displaying a separate module using "section=forums" and add "&nopage[]=" for each forum


which still shows that module on all forum pages.

In my testing, it seems mixing "section" and "page"/"nopage" parameters together doesn't work. Maybe I'm missing something here?

Is there way to show a custom module on just the "front" page of the forum section?

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The nopage parameter works only for wiki pages, that's why things like nopage[]=forum8 won't work.

If you only want the module to appear on the "home" page of the forum, I think you're going to have to use a smarty expression to evaluate the specific Tiki template being used. For example:

{if $mid eq 'tiki-view_forum.tpl'}
{module module="NameOfModuleToDisplay"}


This would display the module NameOfModuleToDislay only when Tiki displays the "home" page of a forum (such as https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=4) but not when display a post or thread (such as https://tiki.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=57062).

Alternatively, you could customize the template TPL (tiki_view_forum.tpl) directly, and build a set of if statements.


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