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Plugin Remarks Box parameters

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I've been playing with the parameters for the remarksbox and it seems I'm missing something. My thinking is, setting cookies will keep closed remarksboxes closed across browser sessions until the "version" changes.

If that is so, I'm unable to achieve this. My browser accepts all cookies and shows cookies set by tiki for my site. But I don't see cookies being set for the remarksbox, and the remarksboxes reappear after restarting the browser, and sometimes even during the same browser session.

I've tried this with Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Konqueror (yes, I'm on Linux), same results on all.

Are my parameters correct, or have I used them incorrectly?

{REMARKSBOX(type="tip", title="Tip", close="y", store_cookie="y", id="tip", version="1")         {REMARKSBOX}

Anyone care to shed some light on this? My members will absolutely hate these message boxes if they can't be dismissed across browser sessions and need to keep dismissing them.


posts: 29


Can anyone verify if this is the correct syntax for the parameters to set cookies?

{REMARKSBOX(type="tip", title="Tip", close="y", store_cookie="y", id="tip", version="1")    {REMARKSBOX}