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Cross Links?

Hopefully this is the correct place to post this question -

Is it possible to create a link on a page to a specific blog post like linking one page to another?

And - is it possible to make a link to a heading or section with a heading instead of an entire page?

For example - I'd like to be able to point to a specific alphabetized section (the "C" section) rather than bounce to the top of a page.

Thanks for any help

United States

You can use the ALINK plugin to link to any anchor on a wiki page. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/pluginalink

Since Tiki automatically creates an anchor for each Heading, you can easily link directly to a page's heading.



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I was able to get the anchors set up and working for the sub sections of the pages - thanks for that.


What I still can't figure out how to do is to link from a page to a specific blog post. 

My users want to set up blogs, but then also have a link with a date from their main page to each post. 

Is that outside what tiki can do ?




Hello Ladyejan,

there is a module "months_links" which shows blog posts per year and month. You could apply that for example to one of the side columns.

If you want to manually link from a specific page or article to a blog post you could use the "Permanent Link", which is hidden by CSS colors in some theme(s) I just now figured out => one of the few still existing inconsistencies due to the Bootstrap transition.

The link is in a wrench right besides the blogpost title.

Here is the current HTML of the blogpost title (to visualise the current selctors):

<header class="clearfix postbody-title panel-heading">
<div class="title">
<h2 class="panel-title">Pilot Project: Tiki Translation Team on Transifex 
<a aria-hidden="true" class="tiki_anchor" href="blogpost610-Pilot-Project-Tiki-Translation-Team-on-Transifex" title="permanent link"><span class="icon icon-link fa fa-link fa-fw "></span>

I'll file a bug report.
Maybe I'll find some time to fix it myself, but there might be sme guys who could do that much faster than me.


Thank you for all this great information.

I don't have a wrench on my blog titles, but there is the word "permalink" at the bottom of each blog post - which I'm thinking is the same thing.


I tried messing with it - but haven't found a way to make it act like a link when placed on a wiki page. 





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