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Using group permissions to take away abilities

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Hi all,

Recently I've opened up the forum on my new site. I have a need to add a group that removes certain abilities from the "registered" group. Is this possible?

I don't want to put all new members into a restricted "registered" group, which would then require manually adding them to another group to give them more abilities. I would prefer to take away abilities from the few who chooses to abuse a less restrictive permission.

If this isn't possible, can a second group be automatically assigned to a new registration so the new member is in both the "registered" and "new" group?


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Hi Sholzy,

there is no layer between Regstered and Anonymous.

It would be fesible to autatically add new registered users to a group with advanced perissions (like active editing or posting) and limit the original group to only fw passive permissions like iewing additional content in certain areas and subscribing newsletter or so.

So you setup, that new registered are automatically added to a group "Members" and if s.o. abses you can temporarily or peranently "degrade"him to "Regstered" only, by napplying from "Members" and thus you have another option besides banning or deleting.




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Thanks for your reply.

I found a way to automatically add new users to an additional group, which allows me to do what I need.

When creating  a new group, there is an option (Group) to add new users at registration time depending on their email. I set this to add for all email addresses.