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setting up tikiwiki accross departments

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Hi I'm new to the site and have come to find out more about Tiki so that I may implement it where I work.
I'm used to the concept of using fora to manage projects and refine articles before they are published to the wiki.

I work in a training academy with multiple disciplines. a wiki would be a good way to standardise methods, archive materials and communicate effectively. At the moment there are three departments interested, each with varying depths of requirement. The software will be held on a private server.

Can Tiki offer multiple fora and associated wikis for the separate departments to cover the varied disciplines and projects? Does it also offer a file/photo sharing platform that can be used between wikis.?

From what I have read Tiki is expandable with no other plug ins required, also that it in depth security options are available to control access and connect between wiki's.

Any good info, hints or pointers would be appreciated.

If I've started this thread in the wrong area then please move it.

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Hi Rob, and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile


Short Answer: yes to all

See: Perspectives and Permissions if you want to set up the three departments in the same tiki instance. You miight end up using category permissions in the loong run, when you master tiki, but it's  not recommended when you are new to tiki.


If qilling to use one tiki instance per dept, see then Multitiki.


There are other options still, but these ones should be enough to  get you started.



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Thanks Xavi that's very helpful, I shall investigate further.