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Module that will show a Structure TOC but be colapasable.

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I have googled my heart out and keep finding references to the older 2 and 3 versions of tiki. Im currently on 14. Im trying to add a company TOC for our main Document structure on the front page making it easier to find categories like in current old wiki. I have got the toc to show up but its not collapsible. I would rather it start off collapsed then click to expand.

im using this right now to show a toc in a module.

{wikistructure id=172 maxdepth=1}{wikistructure id=1}

what more would I have to add to make it collapsible

ive tried just adding a menu structure but it adds a module that shows ALL articles with no way to tell what is a child of what.

Thanks in advance


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Do you have any link we can actually see what you're doing ?

I'm not really sure to understand what you're trying to achieve here.


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Hello Joe, hello olinuxx,

I guess I understand what Joe wants to achieve:

Joe you need to make it a menu module with structure Id.

See here how to use a module in a WiiPage: PluginModule.

ode would be about this:

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{module module="menu" structureId="172" type="horiz"}

Use more menu-module parameters and values as appropriate.


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I am tring to put a TOC for the Structure "McClelland & Hine Wiki" on the menu bar and make it stay current to any added articles. I seem to get it to show the current TOC from time to time then I add a new article test and press f5 to reload on my other browser and i see in the structure its updated but in the TOC module it is not. Its still showing the old toc. thats the one i want to colapse or expand for different article branches. 

Example.  So the name would be McClelland & Hine Wiki and under that it should have DIY IT that if clicked drops down or out right to show Imagright test & Display Problems because they are branched / structured under DIY IT.  and good work. test again again. test again. should be uder DIY IT but not IN DIY IT. as they are branched off the main McClelland & Hine WIki.


McClelland & Hine Wiki

  •  D.I.Y IT



Display Problems

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Hello Joe,

your last post is a bt confusing to me, as you are talking about a 'TOC' and about 'collapsable' and about a 'menu bar' at the same time.

Please clearly indicate, if you are talking about a wikiplugin {toc} (which is not collapsable) or about a wikiplugin {module module=menu structureId=structurename} or bout a module which you apply from tiki-admin_modules.php .

A screenshot or a link to your site would be helpful.


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Ok maybe this will help. I will include a picture of our current wiki mindspring. Im tring to accomplish the same thing or close to it so the employees are not in total system shock when we change over.  On the left bar is a current "TOC? / Structure" of the Main wiki. If someone were to add an article to the main wiki it would be reflected in the side bar too. 





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Hello Joe,

the structure menu left hand side seems to be a module.

To get the module updated you need to clear the Tiki caches.

You might want to add a button somewhere for that editrs can clear the cache - there is aswell specific permission, which you can apply to editors.

The link is: yourdomain.com/tiki-admin_system.php?do=all

It would be handy for editors to have a quickadmin module available, which contains a button/icon with that link.

I do it see quite free of risk, when editors are allowed to clear caches (at least editors who are allowed to add pages to structures).


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2 Questions then. 


1. So there is not a way for the site to auto clear cache when the page loads so it is always correct? 


2. How could I code a "Refrech" (yourdomain.com/tiki-admin_system.php?do=all) button to put under my Structure Module? 

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I agree that the structure menu should update automatically on each page referesh. This is a regression that shows as being fixed in the current development branch (please see the bug report: https://dev.tiki.org/item5081). 

As for adding a button, that's easy. You cansimply use the button plugin and add it to the module (as I've done on the demo site: https://demo.tiki.org/14x)


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I tried both the "fixs" I tried commenting out the lines. There was no effect after clearing cashe on site. Still gets stuck till you clear it again. I ran a cron job to clear every 60 seconds. Works is just not ideal. Any other fixes for this?