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Calendars not working?

Hi, I've had full use of my calendars ever since I installed tiki, but a pull of the latest source code from SourceForge has caused my calendars to stop loading. When I visit any sort of route involving the /calendars path, it sticks on a loading page and never loads the page.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

So it turns out that there is some sort of issue with the Composer that got introduced in recent commits. I believe that the source of the issue with the calendars may be a result of certain dependencies being pulled in (or not being pulled in). I haven't yet confirmed this, but I will post if I find any additional info on the matter.

Please let me know if anyone is encountering this issue!

Hi taylordustin,

just hopping in and out: I remember vaguely, tht recently this was discuss in the dev-list or in the IRC and i vaguely remember that this should be fixed.

Might you want to bring that up in the dev-list, please?

It should be clarified, if fixed then mentioned here in this thread and closed as fixed.

Or otherwise a bugreport would be the measure of choice.


Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be fixed. It seemed like they thought they found a fix, but then had to rollback the code. I am still waiting on a fix for the Composer

Hi taylordustin,

yes I got it in my face aswell - svn install is not working due to broken composer thingi.

I did post into a thread and added my complaints to the ones of other collegues. So we hope, that some coder with the capability to fix will appear soon. I find it hard to switch back to oldstyle FTP usage, even when I can use wget and unzip via shell.

That is the backdraw when you get too depending on external stuff. On the other hand we cannot develop every thing ourselves.

Ok, I cannot help, but I am with you, suffering the same from the current situation.
Cross fingers that our guys will bring us out of the mud soon.


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