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tiki-register.php redirect loop if logged in

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If I am logged in to my web site and visit tiki-register.php, I get a browser error Redirect loop. Unable to load page.

If I am not logged in, It loads just fine.

Is there a setting somewhere causing me this problem?

I would like to have a page called Signup with the Module new user (which shows module module register...
Same problem here...
Works fine if not logged in.
If logged in I get redirect loop...


edit: additional info
This occurs when I'm using tiki-register.php as my homepage.
or Singup with Module New User as my homepage.

Accessing the pages directly redirects me to HomePage, so there is my problem.
I think maybe I will have to look at tiki-register.php script...

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Hello Dave,

I did register to your site right now and tested. I cannot reproduce the described issue as simple registered user.
You might want to register a new user yourself and check, if the issue is connected to your admin account.

At this point I would rather guess a configuration issue than a bug. Anyway from distance I cannot say anything more, as I have no access to the configs.


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Thanks for trying it out.

Yes, I changed the homepage from Signup page back to homepage.
If you hit http://jabi.com/Signup not logged in you will see it.
If you are logged in, it takes you to homepage.
That "feature" is what caused my loop condition if I had signup or tiki-register.php set as my homepage.

I may be able to change the redirect from tiki-register from homepage to another page and solve my problem.

Perhaps that could be a feature request?
If logged in and hit http://yourdomain.com/ with nothing else (which normally takes you to HomePage or alternate HomePage set in site navigation options), you go to LoggedIn page.
If not logged in you go to NotLoggedIn page, which has both login and registration forms...

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Why not simply have a check on your home page? You can use the GROUP plugin to check for logged in status. Something like this should work:

your regular home page content
{redirect page="signup page"}

Please see the docs for full details.


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Thanks Rick! That worked.

I used
Group Anonymous
Show some info and the signup form
Show the regular homepage

Thanks again