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Features / Usability

Images without hard (carriage) return

I'm wondering if/how to insert an image into a wiki article and not have a carriage return appear. I like to insert images into sentences, (specifically: Next, click the action button [[picture of action button]] to perform the action.)

I've thought about the answer existing in the css for the wiki or within the PluginIMG folder somewhere, but I haven't found it yet/I'm not looking in the right place.


United States

You didn't specify which Tiki version you're using, but it seems to be working fine in the current Tiki 14 (see the demo site: https://demo.tiki.org/14x/inlineimage). You may need to set the Repsonsive Image option to No.


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Yes on Tiki 14.0

And that worked! Hooray!

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