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Trying to create short answer quiz that can only be taken once

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Hello. I've been wrestling with this problem for a bit:
1. Tiki 14
2. I've set up a one question short-answer quiz.
3. I've set the tracker permissions to restrict access to only a wiki page
4. I've set the tracker to not allow a student user (non-admin, basically) to not be able to change the answer field after creation (immutable after creation)
5. I've set the other fields (user (auto-increment), points, feedback) to view only per user name

All of this works if a student (me with practice student account) tries to access the tracker on the actual tracker page.
My problem lies with the wiki page access. I've tried to set a TrackerItemField test to hide the quiz question (via PluginTracker) if the user has answered the question. It only work if I hard code the user name as value. Obviously, not the correct way to do it. If I try to test the field, it always comes back as passing, regardless if the student had answered the question yet. If I use a trackerItemField as the value, it still doesn't work. No matter what I do, a student can access the tracker via the wiki page and change their answer as many times as they want. This is not what I want. I want it to act like the Quiz function where an error appears stating the quiz has been taken. Or, really, just hide the tracker if the student has taken the quiz.

I've been trying for days to make a tracker that allows only one entry per person. I'm failing miserably at it (218 edits and counting).

I appreciate any help someone can provide.