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0 byte forum attachments

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I originally set up my Tiki (now on 14.1) to have the members upload forum attachments to the file gallery and post the links in their forum posts. This works well for our needs.

Now, I have a need to allow direct forum attachment in one of the forums. After enabling this in that forum, Downloading a file results in a zero (0) byte size. The attached file description shows the correct file size though.

Using either the "database" or the "file system" option results in the same zero (0) byte size. Looking in the database (phpmyadmin) shows a correct file size. Looking in the file directory shows a zero (0) byte size.

So, now I'm not sure where to look next to solve this issue. Any help?


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Try with small files first, and in the database (for testing). That should work out of the box. Otherwise, pkease reproduce in a show.tiki.org instance attached to a bug report/wish at http://dev.tiki.org


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