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Problem disabling custom_home

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there is no thread on custom_home since 2011, so I thought I would create a new question.
I am using Tiki 14.1 on my own server. I have in prefs (Admin > General > Navigation)
Use customer homepage : unchecked
Wiki Home page : Home Page
I actually enter the Tiki and all is well, but
1. When I type the base URL of the Tiki site, the index.html sends me to tiki-custom_home.php
which does not exist.
2. When I logout, same thing.
It is not fundamental, but irritating, and I have tried various things.
The latest is that in my session cookie, I can see a
I tried to remove the cookie, but it was recreated exactly the same at next start.
Does someone know:
- where does the data come from?
- how I can cancel it?
- if there is another procedure to disable the custom home
Thanks so much, and enjoy your day,

posts: 28 Italy

Hello, I solved it by cleaning the Tiki cache, was part of the Troubleshooting list ... hem...
In any case, it still seems to me that the home page attaches rigidly to the page when you logout, it's a little bit strange, but maybe I have not understood the best way to consider it.
Thanks to all and keep up the good work! Hubert