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Populating "Description (Used for MetaTags)" field on a wiki page created from a Tracker

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Tiki Wiki 14.0

I am using the "outputwiki" option in PluginTrackerlist to create wiki pages for each item in a tracker

The tracker contains a Page Selector field which has "Create Page" set to a wiki page which has the following:

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{trackerlist trackerId="21" fields="103:104:105:106:107:108" view="page" wiki="wikipagefromtrackerTPL"}

(where 21 is the ID of my tracker which has field IDs 103-108, fieldID 103 is a Text Field with the description I would like to use for MetaTags)

And the wikipagefromtrackerTPL makes the page created using info from the item tracker fields a little "prettier"

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!__{$f_104}__ Versión: {$f_106} !!{$f_105} Abrir: {$f_107}

This works but only allows me to write information into the "body" of the Wiki Page and not amend any of the Properties of the page created.

I have also tried using PluginTracker as below

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{tracker trackerId="21" fields="103:104:105:106:107:108" action="save" outputwiki="CreatePageTPL" outputtowiki="104" view="page"}

I have tried putting {$f_103} (the fieldID which contains my description) in the Description field of the Properties tab of "CreatePageTPL" but the information is not passed to the created wiki page.

Why do I want to do this?

It will give users doing searches more information to decide which wiki pages returned in their searches are the one they are looking for. Title alone is very little info.

Is there a way of populating the "Description (Used for metatags) on the Properties of a Wiki Page with data from a tracker or do you have to edit each Wiki Page after creation to add the information?

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