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Plugin Tracker new functionality for 15.x transactionName gives error

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Using the demo 15.x wiki site I am attempting to use the new functionality for Tiki15 in PluginTracker which should allow you to put multiple tracker plugins into a single transaction.

My wiki page says:

{tracker trackerId="28" fields="141:142:143:159:161:162:163:164" reset="Cancel" action="Next"  ignoreRequestItemId="y" transactionName="AddClass" transactionStep="0" transactionFinalStep="n" url="tiki-index.php?page=AddClassMethod"}

However I get the following error message from my wiki page with the tracker plugin:

You need to define both transaction name and transaction step, or none of the two

As you can see I have both transactionName and transactionStep defined, so I do not understand the error message I am receiving.

I have followed the example given in the documentation How to put multiple tracker plugins into a single transaction?

Can anyone see the error I have made? Or should I log a bug report? At 14.2 the same tracker plugin configuration does not give an error message, but the tracker ítem is saved at each step rather than only after the final step, but since the functionality is new for 15.x I can understand it not working fully in 14.2.

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I confirm that this error persists in 15.3

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