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Navi Menu, Awesome! And a Little Direction Please

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I was so happy to see the Navi up and running, I found it, it was in my 14.2 install in "Profiles", I just had to dig a little to get it.
I installed it and I have been having some fun with it, but I am trying to get some drop down menus to work, but I do not see how to make it happen, can some point me to some documentation for Navi, it seems I cannot find much beyond https://profiles.tiki.org/Bootstrap_navbar
Thanks for any help!

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Hi John,

have a look here: Bootstrap Navbar

You could create a custom module and copy/paste the code from that page.

The idea of Luci and Jonny to create a profile for the Bootstrap Navbar is awesome. As my approach is a bit different from theirs, this might encourage me to create a profile aswell and a little tutorial for the settings.

I use HTML code in conjunction with a little bit of smarty code (only the easy bits I think).
Base of my approach is mainly a copy/paste from http://getbootstrap.com, which already works in a custom module. Other than the original I wanted and needed to use Tiki menus, Tiki loginbox etc. in the navbar, which can be included with basic code snippets like {module module=module_name nobox=y} and some {if} ... {/if} or {if} ... {else} ... {/if} when you need to show/hide modules for certain user groups.

Disadvantage is that it is plain HTML code (makes non-techies afraid).
Advantage is, that you can easily customise it with only a little bit of basic HTML knowledge.

Where http://getbootstrap.com can help for Bootstrap specific variations, Template Tricks is very helpful to get into the use of simple Smarty snippets. I look at this page quite often and would today not have any idea about smarty and templates, if that page would not exist (mind, it is paginated into 4 pages).

There is no magic behind and it is not any as complicated or difficult as it might look at the first place. Just ask if you have any question.


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Torsten, thanks so much! I have been playing with the html available at http://getbootstrap.com and it's a blast, I did not know this was available, and only because of my lack of research. All the sudden the design options just open way up for me. This is very awesome.
Thanks Torsten for pointing me in this direction.

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