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Unable to Connect to Activate Facebook Integration (possible bug)

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Dear folks, there has been a persistent error for Facebook integration. I have configured the Facebook integration for login and Facebook "Authorize" from My Account/More/Social Networks.
I have my parameters set appropriately at my Facebook developers account.

Here is what is happening, when I try to "Authorize" this site with facebook.com to use Facebook integration of this site. "
I get an error at the Facebook level of the operation, please see attached screen capture.
The elements that are triggering the errors are Invalid Scopes: offline_access, publish_stream, create_event.
What I think is going on, is the Tikiwiki integration is searching for these events, but the events listed above are no longer valid at the Facebook level, they were deprecated in 2012. This may be the reason or not?
Here is a link stating one of the above events are no longer used https://developers.facebook.com/docs/roadmap/completed-changes/offline-access-removal
I did find a page showing the deprecated permissions a few days ago, but I cannot find it now, but I do remember seeing access, stream, and event, were among them.

I do not know at this point if this is a configuration on my end, that I need to apply, or if this is a bug in the Tiki integration for Facebook.
Thanks for any help