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I am trying to use Tiki to setup an internal knowledge base. One thing I am not able to find is a way to make Tiki assign numbers to Wiki's. Does anyone know of an add on or a way in Tiki to assign KB numbers to wiki posts?
jcline, I am not familiar with KB numbers, can you clarify? Thanks!

Is KB, knowledge base? Duh. My mistake, but when you say number applied to wiki pages, are you speaking of identifying numbers?

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Yes. so if a Tech asks me a questions I can tell them look at KB 12345 similar to the way Microsoft's Knowledge base works.

"Microsoft Knowledge Base is a repository of over 200,000 articles made available to the public by Microsoft Corporation.1 It contains information on many problems encountered by users of Microsoft products. Each article bears an ID number and articles are often referred to by their Knowledge Base (KB) ID.2"

jcline, pages in tikiwiki have id's, it's just a matter of setting "Display Page Id" in the wiki settings. Each page will bear an id number at the upper right of the page, I just set my test wiki to display page id, follow this link to http://tpwtestuser.com/tiki/Acme+Test
and view the upper right corner of that page, is this what you are requiring? As a matter of fact, now that I toggled that setting, you can view any page in the test wiki and it will display page id at the upper right corner now. I am sure you can also disable page id's for specific pages as well.

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Yes that would work. Are you able to search or find the page in some way by the page id?
Yes I am certain you can, I am researching this now. You really can do it all with Tiki, it's just a matter of settings, I'll see if I can dig it up on my end in the next few minutes.

Here is a custom plugin that enables searching a wide array of parameters, page id being one of them. https://doc.tiki.org/PluginCustomSearch
You can configure this plugin into a module and position the module anywhere on your site for clients, and users to use for search by page id.
This is one way, I am sure there is a simple box to check mark in the administrative search settings to be able to search by page id alone.

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That works. Thanks for your help.

Where is the Display Page ID setting? I am looking though the settings right now but cant find it.

go to Control Panel/Wiki or append your url with /tiki-admin.php?page=wiki
then scroll down to Page Display, and you'll see it.

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Ah I must not have permission to change that setting. I will have to talk to the guy who set this up. I attached a screen shot of my page display settings
you need to enable listing of "Advanced" preferences (left upper section, next to the "Access" menu) to have it displayed
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Thank you that works!

That's the wrong area to set the page id feature jcline, you need to be in Page Display under the Wiki settings. Go to Control Panel, then click on the "Wiki" square, than you'll see the settings for page id.
See attached

That being said, yes you should have admin permissions if you are going to be configuring your software.
Do you know what version TikiWiki you are using?

Hello jcline,

I see two ways:

1) show the Id of the wiki page (a preference in tiki-admin.php?page=wiki

2) use trackers with a wiki page field and a wiki link field and use the tracker item Id as issue number / KB number


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