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I thought I was the only one seeing something crazy.
Per this discussion among the Tiki gurus: https://tiki.org/forumthread58963?topics_offset=5

Often when I try to navigate to these forums, here, the forums in orange, I get shot over to the forums in blue, and vise versa. At first I thought these forums were being moved to the forums in blue, then I realized the forums in blue did not have the same categories as the forums in organge. I even posted a topic in the forums in blue, then after saving the topic, I was shot over here to the forums in orange. Then I went back to the forums in blue, and my topic I submitted over there was not there, but here.

It is very confusing, and I have been here for awhile, imagine the new user who comes here, which forum do they post too?

My humble opinion is this, just keep all the forums, every single one of them, in one area, do not split them up, I would like to see the forums either all in blue, or here in orange. If I am not making sense here, it's because I am still very confused why we have blue and orange forums.
Thanks for hearing me out folks!

posts: 738 United States
UPDATE: I just tried to find the forums in blue, and I now I can't. Did someone move them? Thanks.
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No John,

we did find and discuss the confusing issue and fixed it!

So all forums on tiki.org are back to orange to please our users and to prevent confusion - just like you wished. :-)