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TikiWiki Plugins Functioning in Latest Tiki Versions

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Dear Tiki community.
I have been perusing the Tiki plugins https://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Wiki%20Plugins&structure=HomePage+UserGuide&redirectpage=Wiki%20Plugins
And since I have been using Tiki and experimenting the many features Tiki has to offer, I wonder would it be beneficial to the community, and new users alike, if at the plugin page as linked above, if there were a small icon, or color code that displays the functionality of each plugin for the current version of Tiki.
I know there are some plugins that clearly state "deprecated" at the particular plugin page, or even in some instances, in our admin control panel.
But I feel it would be very beneficial to see the main plugin list page, with a clear optic of which ones are 100 percent functional, and which ones are not.

Here is the reality, for new users they may come into Tiki and view that wonderful plugin list page, and assume all are working and operating 100 percent with the most current version of Tiki, and they attempt to use the plugin, and spend a good amount of time to find out that the plugin does not work or it is still under development. In my own personal use case I have done just that, thinking that I am not working the plugin correctly, spending hours trying to get it to work, but to find out through this forum or some other means that it is not compatible with our current version, or it is still in advance stages of development but "not there yet".

I feel a clear and quick snapshot of the plugin list with a quick optic via color code, or icon, that the plugin is either non operational, under development, or needs work, or deprecated since a previous version would greatly benefit the end user of Tiki.

If this were done, a user could quickly determine if they want to use the plugin, explore it further, or even jump in and help develop, or trouble shoot its problems.

Does anyone feel there is any value to this suggestion?
Thanks for reading.

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