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Unable to login to Tiki Wiki with Username and password

Hi there,

Our tiki wiki is working fine however we have recently discovered that our agents can no longer login with username and password to the knowledge base which is build through Tiki Wiki

It comes up with the following error,

"The wiki.branddevelopers.co.nz page isn’t working

wiki.branddevelopers.co.nz is currently unable to handle this request."


The website cannot display the page.

Is this something our Tiki Wiki Admin has changed on our end? Or could it be an internal error?

I have attached an image to show the error.

Any assistance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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Check your server logs for details of the error.

Other questions:

  • Are you able to access the site as Anonymous (that is, not logged in)?
  • Does the error occur only when completing the Login form?
  • Do you have Tiki's error reporting enabled? What does it show?
  • What is your Tiki version?
  • What is your server configuration?
  • Did you run Tiki-Check to confirm that your server is compatible?


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Thank you for your prompt response Rick,

We are able to access the site as an anonymous and the error occurs when trying to login with Username and password.

I have spoken with IT who are going to try and find the server, it was setup a few years ago by someone who is no longer with us.

We have gone through and enabled the error reporting as suggested, (where do these errors get reported to?)

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