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Features / Usability

Mouseover (tooltips) tracker or geolocated page on a map

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I have stumbled upon this bug: https://tiki.org/forumthread55214
Does anyone know if it has been resolved in Tiki15?

Just to explain things:
- we use unified search engine
- Tiki15 (previously 14, same bug)
- have geolocated tracker items
- have geolocated wikipages
- in a map displayed inside a geolocated wikipage

What happens is if we hover the mouse over :
- a geolocated tracker item, we get an undefined "pop-up" (tooltips) (when we click on it, we actually get a decent pop-up)
- a geolocated wikipage, we get the name of the title of the wikipage
- the symbol of the geolocated wikipage containing the map, we get the same undefined "pop-up"

I would be very happy if anyone had info about this topic.