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Item Link Tracker Bug

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Hello Tiki Community,

Found a bug in the Item Link field. (I'm Using tiki 15.0)

If you use it to link to a Text field, it will consider all identical items as distinct ones, even if you use "Only one random item for each label". It works well though if you use it with a dropdown (as explained in doc.t.o).

I found a temporary workaraound for this issue, by using the "Select multiple values" option, and the item link somehow works as expected, but for my usecase I cannot allow that.

Can someone confirm it as a bug?



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Hi Fernando:

I see some oddity also with category field in some tiki 15 site (they get duplicated somehow in the dropdown produced for the item link field when attempting to insert an item).

Can you please submit a bug report and reproduce your issue in an associated show.tiki.org instance there?


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