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Features / Usability

How to display the full calendar into a wiki page

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I need the full calendar monthly view to be displayed in a wiki page.
I need the month full view with events visible (all day event onto several days).

I tried with Calendar plugin (small calendar) and with module Calendar_new.

Calendar_new is the closest, but I couldn't get the to view the event on load (user have to check each day (hover or click) to view event.

Look to me pretty trivial and may be I mess something.
Forking the code is unlikely the solution. :-)

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Hi Bernard:

What I use in Tiki 12 LTS production sites (mostly intranets) is a combination of those modules with the module "upcoming events" underneath. There is one public site showing that (in Catalan, though, but it will serve to show you the UI produced):
(upcoming events module is on top of the small calendar module at the right-hand side of the central column)