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Custom HTML to display image in /tiki-print.php

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Hi everybody, i hope you can help me to solve this problem.
I'm using Tiki 15 and would like to have an image in the top of printed pages, but i can't.
I added this code to 'Look & Feel' -> 'Customization' -> 'Custom HTML Content':
{if $SCRIPT_NAME eq '/tiki-print.php'}
< img src="">
(no blank space on my tiki after < )
I also checked on the table 'tiki-files' if the image i wanted was 33, and yes, it's correct.
Anyway, when i print a page, the image i would like to have on top of my printed page doesn't show.
Is there some option to activate? Am I missing something?
Thx in advance for your help

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Hi Gianluca,

maybe it is on the wrong place - maybe it has to be in the template of the page content ... (on the server in the Tiki installation root -> templates folder ?


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You are right Gianluca,

and I just now successfully tried this code in the 'Look and Feel' | Custom | userdefined HTML content, after checking that I could display a specific image on a site which I just started to setup (Tiki trunk pre-16.0):

{if $SCRIPT_NAME eq '/tiki-print.php'}
<img src="http://my.domain.com/display1">

So you might want to try /displayX instead of /tiki-download_file.php?fileId=X
Just thinking because it worked for me only a minute ago.


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You're adding the img tag in the wrong place. The Custom HTML head Content area places content in the HEAD element. You can't place an img element in the head. You'll need to use CSS instead and attach your image to a specific class, or edit the TPL directly.


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Hi again. Sorry to go on with this post... 2 yrs ago i finally found the solution to the problem after some tries, but i didn't write it down anywhere....... and i forgot it.
Now that i made the upgrade to tiki 18, i have to set it again, and don't remember what to do. In this period i have no spare time to make tries like 2 years ago, so i'm asking you if you can help some more.
Thanks in advance