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Features / Usability

tag files in file gallery or have to use tracker?

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how can I tag files in the file galery?
Or have I use a tracker to tag the files?

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Being able to tag a file seems like it should be basic and included in the core Paul, I am surprised it is not! I'll look around and see if I can find it.

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Hi John,
did you find a possibility to tag files?

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No sir I did not, sorry for the late report. It sure seems it should be there somewhere. I am currently investigating Ricks suggestion.

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I made a tracker with files. So I can tag the tracker items instead of the files.

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Can you explain this a bit more?
You are wanting to use Freetags?

What's the skeleton (fields) of your tracker?

Link so I can see it in action?

Thanks in advance!
(Been using Tiki for years, just now trying to figure out some advanced type of tricks and the programming involved...)

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My aim is a tag cloud. The result you can see here:

If somebody select one item he can see the item and can view the file:

Creating a new item:

The field list:

Sorry I can not make a link for "see in action" because it is an internal site.