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Adding Tracker to Content Template for Select Options

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Ok folks, I have been playing with a Content Template for our woodworking wiki. The Content Template is easy, I have the general layout for the template, but what I want to add under a heading title "Lumber Processing Qualities" is a set of drop down menus or radio buttons or anything that will make a choice simple for the editor using the content template.
here is an example

"Lumber Processing Qualities"

and for each of those properties, I want the user to have a choice to pick Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor.
So that when the page is published, and after the editor has selected the property choices, the section would look like

"Lumber Processing Qualities"
Planing: Excellent
Sawing: Poor
Drilling: Good

I have been playing with a tracker with radial buttons for the choices, but I am having a hard time getting it to display in the saved page. I can created the radial buttons, and choices, but when the choices are selected, and the page is saved, the tracker disappears.
Am I going about this with the right tools?

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I'm too knew to figuring out how Tiki works to help you.

Just wanted to say, you have some great ideas!
Thanks for priming my idea pump!


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You bet Dave! I am just getting to know it myself. I'll share everything and all I find out and learn. Great to see you around here Dave!

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So, if the page is not yet published ,you want to display the tracker with the ability to change the options, and if the page is published, you want to simply display the (already selected) options?

This will depend on how you're "publishing" the pages... are you using a different category for draft vs. published?

If so, you can simply use the TRACKER plugin when the page is in draft category (this will allow the editor to change the options) and use the TRACKERLIST plugin when the page is in the published category (this will simply display the settings without giving the ability to change them).


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Hmm, you brought up a great point Rick. No on the draft vs saved categories.
These pages will be living breathing collaborative editable pages forever. So the choices can be changed if an editor so wanted too.
That being said, perhaps I am going about this the wrong way since the opinion of one editor, can be different on whether or not "Oak" is Fair or Excellent to saw. That opinion could change from editor to editor.
Would a poll be more appropriate? And if so, can a poll stay in a live wiki page?

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