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Tracker template parameters?

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Does anybody already stumbled in this problem? I have a pretty tracker template, with a custom jquery script, and wanted to use it to several group trackers (they are all clones of each other). The problem is each tracker field has a different fieldId, so I would need to have one template for each (but as there will be a lot of groups, so that would be counterproductive if I needed to edit them all). Tried using permanent names, but they need to be unique. Next move was to think of a permanent name as a combination of the name and the trackerid, like 32_login for tracker 32, and in tracker 33 33_login. but I cant get the template to accept parameters. Tried already the php arguments to access the template but no success. Tried also to use the as a parameter for the permanent name.

Another issue would be how to addres in jquery all those fields, because in the end they all became ins_XX. My idea was to create a div inside each field with an id, and target that with jquery. (this I think should work without problems)

One solution would be to use only one tracker, but I`m going to use it as group trackers, and the user can be member of multiple groups, so I would need to develop something to check if the user already has a corresponding entry to the group he is, and not let him create another duplicate entry, but let users who has no entry associated to that group to create a tracker item.

Preety confusing?

Thanks folks


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