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Features / Usability

Group Watches: admin does not get an icon to set it up

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Maybe more generally, admin doesn't get the set of icons in which the icon to set a group watch should appear.

I have the group watches feature enabled- what do I need to do to see the icon to set up a group watch?

Or is there some other way to set it up without getting that icon on screen?


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Where you do not see the icon you expect?

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Assuming you have the correct permissions and are logged in, you should see the Group Watch icon for any Tiki object (such as a page):


Please see the docs for details.

Are you saying that you're not seeing any of the Page Actions icons?

  • What Tiki version are you using?
  • What Theme (and options, bootstrap, etc) are you using?
  • Have you applied any custom styles?


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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