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XML Zip export

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Hey all,

I'm having issues with exporting tiki's wiki into xml zip format.

According to the documentation on https://doc.tiki.org/XML+Wiki+Import-Export" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">this page, Tiki should be able to export an XML ZIP of pages and structures.

However I am encountering 2 problems;
1. I can't get any page to export.
I go to the "list pages" page and in the menu.
Then I select 1 or more pages that I wish to export.
Once I select the action "Xml Zip" and confirm my action I get the following error:

"Can not add the page: Computer Science 2/Computer Science 2".

Am I doing something wrong?
Did I wrongly configure something?
Additionally, I checked that the PHP archive module is enabled.

2. My second problem is that according to the documentation page it should also be possible to export one or more structures on the "list structures" page.
However there does not appear such a page in neither the admin or the wiki menu.
Is this functionality still available?

Possible important information:
Tiki version: "15.2"
PHP version: "PHP Version 5.6.23-0+deb8u1"

I hope you can help me with this!

Kind Regards,

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Hi Perseus

It looks like this functionality is really out of date, seems there was a report about it being broken a long time ago: https://dev.tiki.org/item3925 and here's a slightly more recent one re the structure export https://dev.tiki.org/item4690

Sorry, but it looks like some significant investigation, updating and/or rewriting is needed to get this working again, maybe you could update the really old bug report to reflect current version etc.

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Just for those looking, the issue is still present. I get that same "Can not add the page" error on Tiki 15.3.