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problem to use Flagged Revisions

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Hello everyone!
I have problem to use "Flagged Revisions" on my wiki.
I have looked this page https://doc.tiki.org/Flagged+revisions but it didn't help. When someone from the "registered" group edits a page, it's directly published without approval from the admin.

On the picture, in the blue square, i think something is missing. But i don't know how to change it.

Do you know how it works? I'm using the 15.0 version.

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Hi Edouard, and welcome to the Tiki user forums! smile

Have you created the categories already? You need to do so before attempting to select them there (there is nothing to select, maybe, because you need to create the categories first?)


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Thank you for the reply Xavier.
I have created categories before, and i tried to create a new one to test. It doesn't work in both cases.
Do you have a list of rights that I have to give to the admin or not (and the same for the registered) ? May be there is conflict but i'm not sure at all.

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Xavier, I made a mistake in my previous message !
When I creat a new category I can see it in flag revision blue box !!
I think i have to recreat categories.....

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