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Features / Usability

how to make text go around inserted picture?

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Playing around in text editors and inserting content I have come across this little dilemma. Can't see any option on the toolbars to get the text go around inserted image . Is there a way of doing this without being forced to use any tables? It's not a big dramma, but still...
Please let me know, if you can

Thanking you!

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When you insert the picture and save the page you will see little puzzle icon next to it and when you click it there are options to make the picture be floated left or right with text going around the image... or use imalign="left" param directly in the

posts: 38 United Kingdom
THANK YOU! Lots of options in there. Very good to know! :-)

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My little icons to edit tags like this have disappeared with my upgrade install.
I also no longer am able to edit sections.
Have I missed a setting somewhere?

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