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Anyone using Mail-In option?

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TikiWiki 15.2, My SQL, InnoDB, language Spanish and email client Gmail

I am trying to use the mail-in function but with limited success.

With a mail-in account set to type "Create or Update Wiki Page"
If the wiki page does not already exist, it will create the wiki page but there is no text put in the body of the wiki page, the page is blank.
If the page already exists, all existing content is removed and a new version which is a blank page is created.

According to the documentation one of the fields you need to fill in creating the mail-in account is:

Discard to the end from
The end of the message (for a put, append, preprend) will be deleted after the string you give. If you leave this box empty then no text from the body of the email will make it on to the wiki page.

I have a feeling that this is where I am going wrong. I have put in this field the string XXOENDXXO, and then in the body of my email sent from a gmail account I have included this string, but neither the text before or after the string appears in the newly created/updated wiki page.

With a mail-in account set to type "Send Page to User"

I then send an email with the subject the name of the wiki page I want to get and the body of the email blank. I do not receive any email, nor is anything logged in the Tiki Logs.

With a mail-in account set to type "Wiki (multiple actions)"

I then send an email with GET:pagename as subject - I receive nothing and nothing is logged in the tiki logs.
I then send emails with APPEND/PREPEND:pagename as subject and text as body again with the "discard to the end from string" - I receive nothing and nothing is logged in the tiki logs.

I do not think the problem is simply permissions, as with anonymous access disabled and not giving the user with the mail-in account email address t_p_send_mailin permission I do receive an email saying I do not have permission to use the feature. So there is communication between tiki and the mailin email account in both directions.

Can anybody using this feature give me a clue to what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

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