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Good morning,

I've recently enabled comments, and it works well on Wiki pages, but I can't get a 'post new comment' button to appear on Blog entries.

I'm running Tiki 15.2

In the comments control panel, I have enabled 'comments on blog posts' (this is also enabled in the 'blogs' control panel)

In permissions, I have registered set to 'can post new comments', and anonymous 'can read comments'.

Any ideas on what to try next?

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I have 'can post new comments' for registered, and 'can read comments' for anonymous/registered (see screenshot).

I can't find any information on comment permissions in the link you sent...


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I just tried creating a new Blog and Blog Entry, and this does have a comments button.
Looks like the permissions haven't applied to the original blog (it existed before the comments configuration).

Is there any way to fix this?

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Never mind, I see the spot you mean now. I had to edit the blog an enable comments. This is in addition to editing the blog permissions and enabling comments.