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Plugin Fancy Table Heading Appearance

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tikiwiki 18.3

Hello good folks.
I am using Fancy Tables Plugin and I am having a hard time trying to make the header area match the width of the table container.
I have removed all theme customization's to see if that would help, but it did not. My goal is to get the heading to match the width of the table container.

Please see attached image.
Thanks for any help folks.

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I just noticed something with the table sort header, when you scroll down the header stays fixed like it's supposed too, but when it hits the top of the browser, it expands to full width.

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Tried to fix it for you, but wasn't able.
Is there someone with more CSS experience than I have?

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Very nice of you Weibe, thanks!
Were you trying on your own tiki instance, in other words are you seeing the same thing I am with your tiki?

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The problem is it needs to get fixed width and that is not fixable by CSS only. You need to get the width from the table-responsive container and apply it to the tablesorter headers wrapper, which becomes position: fixed (and that is why it expands). Another peace of JS would be needed when you have very wide table going behind the edge and when you scroll it horizontally, the tablesorter column headers need to scroll simultaneously. Not a trivial fix IMHO.
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But you can try this CSS force trick for your site:

.ts-stickyHeader {

    min-width: auto !important;
    max-width: 100% !important;
    width: auto !important;

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I think you have something odd in the table anyway. The table row with "Washington Western Hemlock 1947" is seemingly wider. Maybe you have an extra pipe "|" character in your wiki page syntax for the table which adds an extra cell on that line?

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Luci, I'm an idiot, that's what it was, the extra pipe, sorry Wiebe and Luci for wasting your time! See it now, works beautifully after removing the extra pipe.
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