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Issue with tables in tiki 19

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Dear forum reader,
I run Tiki release 19.0 and there is always an issue with tables. The first row of tbody is build wrong. To show you, what it does in HTML, look at the following extract from the page:

… … and so on with the rows … … …

My input to the editor is


Tables always have these same two empty td's in the first row. No matter if it is a rare table or a fancytable. Does anybody have an idea, what is wrong with my Tiki? Maybe something is wrong with my administration work, but I can't find out.
The site's theme is „darkly“ and Tiki runs on an Ubuntu 18.04 server. No Wysiwyg editor. Pure Tiki Syntax and no HTML is in between.
Please have a look where it happens: https://steemwiki.org/testseite2

Thank you for reading and thinking about.

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Hello Martin,

You are trying to set two tables one inside the other.
You should correct for:


Does that fix work for you ?

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Thank you very much, Bernard.
I'm very sorry to bother the forum with such an easy problem, but I've read „TFM“ (~//doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax-Tables) and there are always two pipes around the table-expression.
Yes Sir, it works fine. Have a nice day.

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Good to read your issue is solved Martin !

About the documentation I re read and it seems good to me as it is.

In the code you pasted you are asking Tiki to nest 2 tables.

One set using the plugin Fancytable
One set using the Wiki syntax (the 2 pipes).

You have to set one or the other.

Join our Tiki Open Online Hours session every first, second and fourth Thursday of the month and receive support from a Tiki consultant online for free.

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Hi Bernard.
Fancytables are okay, but the issue is not really solved. Have a look at steemwiki.org/testseite3 or ~/testseite2, if you like.
First: The mwtable was not set in plugins until yesterday. So it was no wonder, normal tables doesn*t work before.
Second: I've activated mwtable yesterday and then produced the pipe-syntax.
Third: Tiki table-syntax still doesn't work, even today. (Tiki- and browser-cache is refreshed and the index too.)
Fourth: At least I'm glad the Fancytable is working. So it is just a kind of academic interest, why the Tiki-Table-Syntax is not working.
Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

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The mwtable is just an option in plugins, like the fancytable-option (release 19.0).

Thank you very much for the invitation, Bernard. I'm not so sophisticated in English conversation and my understanding is also not so fluid. For this reason I like to avoid accustic contacts in our virtual world as long as it is possible. On the Blockchain Steem, where I come from, the everybodys talking machine is on Discord. I don't like it. I'm in IT for 40 years, now. But I never had an online-chat.
Nevertheless, I'm interested a little bit:
Is the TOOH-Chat part of this blue tall JS-chat-Option one can activate somewhere on a branch of Tiki's 1000 Sites? Maybe I saw it in the developer's branch of tiki.org. Maybe I will try it one day, because I have a hell of questions in developing.
Today I will have a telephone chat with the German Tiki-man Thorsten Fabricius. I'm guess you know him.
Thanks a lot for answering, Bernard.

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