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Generate URLs with Wiki Argument Variables automatically from tracker data

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I'm hoping to find a way to automatically generate thousands of custom URLs that contain Wiki Argument Variables using tracker table data. I want to do this using functionality built into Tiki if at all possible.

I need to use Wiki Argument Variables embedded in URLs to filter the output of multiple PluginTrackerLists embedded in one wiki page .

The idea is to have a single "Item Detail" wiki page that has the item detail data populated on the fly using WAV to drive tracker filters instead of building thousands of unique wiki pages, one for each item ID.

I've tried to concatenate multiple tracker fields into one using a ItemLink field type but that doesn't work on a couple levels. Any fields with special characters (colons, slashes, ampersands, etc) that are common in URLs won't display at all. Also, spaces are added between each item that does show up which seems like a entirely different and understandable limitation based on how ItemLink is normally used.

The only "easy" solution I've found is to to export the unique tracker data (item IDs) I need to CSV and use Excel's concatenation functionality to build the URL in a custom worksheet. I then import the complete URLs back into a tracker field.

This Excel solution is good and all for my initial bulk importing of data since I'm handling it myself and know what to do, but this is not an option for the dozens if not hundreds of individual users that will be creating new tracker records one at a time going forward.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I need to see it in action to be able to suggest anything...

May be you can join us at the next TOOH session and demonstrate your case ?

I’ll be glad to help.

Join our Tiki Open Online Hours session every first, second and fourth Thursday of the month and receive support from a Tiki consultant online for free.

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Bernard, thank you for the reply and for bringing the TOOH events to my attention, I will definitely join in next week! Have a good weekend.

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