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Using internal links with mPDF

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Hello there!

So I created a rather big page in tiki and now I wanted to insert links which point to certain headers. Every Syntax I tried worked fine for jumping to the headers on the page itself but the links should as well work if I print it to a PDF with mPDF.
There I first tried the Wiki Link Syntax:


It worked fine on the tiki page itself but not anymore in the PDF.

Furthermore I tried the Plugin ALINK/ANAME which only opens the browser with the given page which is not my intention.

And last but not least I tried with the HTML Plugin which worked for the page and the PDF but I thought was a bit laborious for further maintaining multiple bigger pages with this Syntax.

Therefore is my question if there are some settings I didn't saw which would allow the [#Header|Header] Syntax to work on the page and the PDF?

Tiki Version: 20.0

Thanks in advance!

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