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Names of files uploaded to the file gallary

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I'm a newbie to Tiki but do like it a lot so far. Still, I have a few open points of which one is:
Is there any config or option that would lead to all files being uploaded into the file gallary to end up in a folder keeping their original names? I configured it so that all files end up in a specific folder on my webspace, but the names seem to be some random hashes. I've found this info, but would love to have the files being stored with their original names per default.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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I believe the filename obfuscation is for security, but I don't think there's a way to disable it.

However, when you view the file within the Gallery or when you download it, you should see the file's original filename.

It is only on the server that the filename is obfuscated.


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